Interior Design Vienna



Year: 2018
Status: Concept study
Clientr: WW Vierte Immobilienbesitz


destilat developed a concept for the façade as well as the public areas between the individual residential units of an apartment house in Vienna’s fourth district. Facades are the public faces of building. Historically, they were meant to represent taste and prosperity. In this case, the front opens itself toward the outside with its fluted loggias and distinctive green elements and shows what the house is used for. The interaction of vertical and horizontal structures continues with the building’s colour design that consists of dove-grey shingles and ochre-coloured walls.

The public areas between the individual residential units have been turned from anonymous intermediate zones into characteristic meeting locations – places where the neighbours’ community life can evolve and residents as well as visitors can present themselves in a sophisticated and inviting manner.


Harald Hatschenberger
Sophie Kessler
Thomas Neuber
Lukasz Paginowski