Interior Design Vienna

UPC Shops

Shop concept

Year 2015
Status: realised
Client: UPC


When UPC expanded its portfolio to mobile phone services, destilat was hired to develop a new shop concept for the company.

The goal of this corporate architecture is to bring customers into UPS shops, have them experience UPC’s brand and product world in these shops and ultimately bring the brand and the company’s products closer to UPC’s customers.

The new shops’ scenery is embedded in a very neutral setting.

This setting includes white, functional furniture for service and flexible elements for product presentations, which include various mounting options for TV screens, boards for mobile phones, as well as display cases for UPC offers and further accessories.

The spacious representation of the UPC brand is incorporated in this setting with graphic elements. Two types of desks were developed to further improve customer service. There are sitting desks, which are used for service shops, and standing desks, which are used by the sales team.

The new shop concept emphasises the UPC world’s dynamics and complexity and highlights the brand’s values.

UPC’s brand image, products, and values are presented emotionally via the spatial communication concept to create a varied experience and reflect the company’s corporate philosophy. The new shop design stages the brand perfectly, generates a high recognition value, and conveys UPC’s innovative multimedia world.


Harald Hatschenberger
Thomas Neuber
Magdalena Haas
Marija Djondovic


destilat/Harald Hatschenberger