Interior Design Vienna

UPC TV Studio


Year: 2014
Status: realised
Client: UPC


destilat developed a design concept for the TV studio of the Austrian telecommunications provider UPC that provides a quiet and restrained stage for the company’s distinctive corporate identity. Floors and walls become one harmonious entity due to their matt-white surfaces. There are only two prominent basic elements embedded in this reduced white cube: a huge, equally matt-white frame that spans two sides of the room with a large-scale fillet and seems to float in space as it is mounted on the walls. The logo is partially inscribed into this frame, which also features the studio’s blue screen with its background colours that are inspired by the company’s logo.

A stele with an elliptical section on a mobile and equally elliptical base is used as a simple high desk, which can be positioned freely, depending on the respective show’s format. What makes this design concept special is that spatial borders are largely dissolved, and the furniture seems to merge with the surrounding space due to its uniformly white colouring. This kind of neutral interior found a subtle way to be instantly recognizable by the viewers.

The TV studio is a consistent further development of the kind of corporate architecture that destilat has developed for UPC. It was used for the company’s stores, offices, exhibition stand sand sales modules and gave the brand a distinctive architectural appearance.


Thomas Neuber
Magdalena Haas
Harald Hatschenberger


destilat/Harald Hatschenberger