Terraces are our extended living rooms. They offer views of the neighbouring roofscapes, green nature, as well as ever-changing skies and seasons.

From small loggias in city centres, urban rooftops with spectacular views to Mediterranean patios in courtyards, shared terraces of semi-detached houses, elegant garden salons and parks – they form very special open structures and become transitional spaces between the indoor and outdoor world.

Your personal requirements as well as spatial conditions and the specific location define the terrace’s design. Are you a passionate barbecue expert who needs a lot of space for all the barbecues in the upcoming summers? Would you like to lose yourself in a cosy deckchair and let the sun shine on your face without being disturbed by nasty winds or curious onlookers? Do you want to give your children a colourful outdoor playground? Or do you want to immerse yourself in all aspects of gardening and build a stage for carefully nurtured rare plants to flourish and prosper?

However you imagine your garden to be like, and even if you have no concrete idea yet, we as experienced developers and designers understand and design outdoor areas like terraces, balconies or loggias as extended living spaces that deserve just as much attention as the interior.

Light, shadows, temperatures, and wind are felt immediately in the open air and require corresponding materials and structures. Therefore, when it comes to terraces, we skilfully play with a wide range of diverse materials like natural stone, terrazzo, cotto, genuine wood, and composite materials to ensure your green salon’s stable foundation. Inventiveness and experience guide us to create atmospheric outdoor lounges from the stylish collections of international furniture manufacturers and our own designs that invite you to relax and defy any weather. Flexible shading elements (sun sails and parasols) make sure that you can fully enjoy your open space under the midday sun. While cushions, plaids and side tables, plant throughs, pots, and lanterns compose your terrace down to the last detail. Even if you want to treat yourself to the Mediterranean luxury of an outdoor kitchen, a refreshing outdoor shower, or a whirlpool – we develop and implement your individual terrace with every trick in the book, and look forward to hearing from you.