Shop design

Shop design: Impressive shops are more than just outlets for merchandise – they are the spatial translation of your brand.

We do not consider exceptionality and functionality to be opposites – together they attract attention, present your products and services from their best sides, reach out to potential customers and create a comfortable sales environment.

This is why we like to address key issues head-on: Shops must be beautiful and boost sales at the same time. They have to emphasize the appeal of your offer, utilize their respective spatial circumstances in the best possible way, and provide enough room for your staff to develop their full potential and create an atmosphere for your customers in which they feel comfortable as well as well-advised, and therefore will come back to shop again and again.

Of course, it all depends on the kind of business you are conducting. Whether you are dealing with financial transactions or organic vegetables – the design vocabulary of abstract values like confidentiality, discretion, and objectivity is just as characteristic as earthy concepts like authenticity, naturalness, and freshness. In many cases it’s feelings and moods that are pivotal for our designs. However, very concrete parameters are also taken into account for our shop designs: Is your product or service geared towards the high-end sector, do you focus on the low-budget segment or do you position yourself somewhere in between? Do you open your shop in an elegant shopping mall or at a weekly market? How do your competitors’ points of sale look like and how can you distinguish yourself from them? Does your brand have an established logo that works? Maybe this gives us an indication for the colour scheme, from which we can develop a distinctive material and design vocabulary for your shops.

Just let us know how you want to position your brand, what your visions are and which goals you want to achieve. We may not have any magic wands but we have developed quite a few shop designs over the past years that provide a striking and sales-oriented stage for a wide range of different products.

Since shopping is more than fulfilling one’s needs and has become a popular leisure activity, potential customers expect an adequate presentation. It is all about staging, entertainment, exceptionality as well as emotional bonds with the products and your shop. Establishing a base of regular customers is particularly important in times of interchangeability – and this will also be reflected in your sales figures. Shop design.