Reception Area + Lobby

Reception areas and lobbies are architectural equivalents of gestures of welcome.

Whether it is a hotel lobby or a welcome desk – the entrée is where we give people a first impression of our corporate culture and, as we know, there are no second chances for first impressions.

If you want to show who you are, it is always best to be authentic. It makes no sense to create an image in your lobby that makes promises neither your rooms nor services can keep. Non-existent or uninspired designs of entrées will likewise make your guests draw negative conclusions regarding the rest of your offer. Guests, cooperation partners, and clients want to find out as quickly as possible who they are dealing with and what to expect in our house. Even though quite a few things can be sorted out  bforehand in the online realm, the lobby remains a key element for first impressions. After all, web portals are just upstream entrées – the subsequent reality check is and always will be the decision criterion.

From service companies to manufacturers or workshops, budget or luxury segments – there is an adequate and appropriate design for every kind of business and category. That applies to all public premises of companies, which are all immediate and practically free, around-the-clock advertising for the respective company.

Our goal is to find out how your personal interior identity may look like; to show how corporate values like trust, safety, tradition, innovation, openness, vision, and internationality can be translated into the material world, and how you can distinguish yourself significantly from your competitors – not just with your products but also with your corporate image.

Besides the decisions regarding the big overall picture, it’s the details that help to brand a look and make it unique, which is a prerequisite for its recognition value. It is not just the WHAT but very much the HOW that conveys those important nuances: A simple table, which has the primary function of bringing people together – for conferences or joint meals – can convey a wide range of different statements, depending on its design, materials, and workmanship. There is enough room for entire worlds between rustic tables and Egon Eiermann’s purism. Granite, sandstone, and marble all have very distinctive properties even though they are all basically stone.

These multifaceted options are the reason why interior design is still exciting for us, even after many years in this industry. We love to get to know people as well as their visions, idiosyncrasies, and characters. We have a quite simple approach: we talk, listen, and ask the right questions. This is what we would love to do for your interior project as well – with commitment and experience!