Interior Design Vienna



Year: 2018
Status: Concept study
Client: PwC Austria


PriceWaterhouseCooper has established its local offices on the top levels of the DC Tower, Vienna’s tallest skyscrapers. In addition to the office space, which extends across 14 levels, the Austrian think tank of the internationally operating accounting, tax, and management consulting company also features a spacious executive lounge with a rooftop terrace. destilat was commissioned by PwC to develop a concept study for the utilisation and design of these complex areas.

The goal was to contrast the stressful business environment with a more relaxed alternative. destilat immersed the Skylounge in a subtle jungle ambience that consists of virtual motives and natural plants. Lamellar membranes create bright spatial borders across the difficult floor plan, behind which the “jungle” emerges on wallpapers and with exotic plants. The furniture had to be multifunctional due to the rooms’ individual small sizes. Therefore, the conference table can easily be turned into a dinner environment that even includes a bar element.

The two-storeyed outdoor areas with their characteristic metal construction are designed as a Japanese Zen garden that invites its visitors to take a stroll and linger before it leads them to the central lounge in a semicircle. Its deliberately light atmosphere is characterised by its swing chairs, bright colours, and delicate greening. The concept is meant to provide staff with time-outs from working in front of computer screens all the time, to relax, recharge one’s batteries and get inspired by the panoramic view across the city while enjoying the green environment: A metaphoric break from routines that literally provides new perspectives and helps finding new solutions.


Harald Hatschenberger
Thomas Neuber
Henning Weimer
Sophie Kessler
Lukasz Paginowski