Interior Design - Office

New beach Lake Neusiedl


Year: 2023
Status: in planning
Client: Esterhazy Betriebe GmbH

The lakeside resort of Breitenbrunn is reinventing itself - as the New Lake Neusiedl Beach, the ensemble of lodges, restaurant, bar and Greisslerei will in future present itself embedded in nature and open to all as an exciting year-round location on the shores of Lake Neusiedl.

For the interior design concept of the gastronomy areas, destilat went in search of traces of what makes the lake, characterizes the landscape and the people and cultures that shape the place. The lake was conceived as a space: light and lightness, subtle nuances of earth and natural tones and the emphasis on horizontal lines are incorporated into the elongated structure, with which the reed belt, the water surface and the sky are reflected in the interior via the floor-to-ceiling window front. 

The choice of materials follows ecological considerations and qualities that have traditionally grown from the rural cultural landscape of Burgenland: Wood, linen, wool, stoneware, ceramics, glass and wood-wool panelle - materials with durable surfaces that gain liveliness through their use.

The open spatial structure of destilat is structured by a coherent structural plan: The routing takes up the symbol of the footbridge in the water, in which active walking zones made of gray stoneware contrast with the seating areas, which stylize the reed belt with wooden floors. Bar, lounge, restaurant, Captains Room and terrace can be read within the stringent material, color and form canon both as a harmonious overall structure and as independent zones, each characterized by a striking gestural element. In the restaurant, these are so-called breeze blocks - semi-transparent wooden elements that function as room dividers with their symbolized sails, flank the wine cabinet, play with light and shadow, and clearly locate the interior on the lake even at the entrée. 

Harald Hatschenberger
Sophie Pfeffer
Lukasz Paginowski
Karin Klusek
Thomas Neuber
Tjasa Rus