Interior Design Photo Studio

MS Foto Group


Year: 2010
Status: realised


Photography requires space. The old factory building between Linz’s historical old town and the city harbor was rebuilt as an expansive photo studio for the ms foto group. A white cube was implanted into the existing loft to allow the group to react to a variety of clients and working situations. The neutral background enables diverse staging possibilities and backdrop constructions. The lighting concept takes this into consideration. Since food photography is one of the core tasks of the ms foto group, the kitchen plays a key role.

For acoustic and atmospheric reasons, black-colored glass walls separate the offices and picture processing desks from the other areas. The lounge, heart of the 300-square-meter studio, is equipped with furniture specially designed for the purpose. Black, white, and futuristic textiles in iridescent gold colors shape the ambiance.


Harald Hatschenberger
Henning Weimer
Theresa Köhler




11/2009 Architektur Report (Deutschland)
05/2008 Wirtschaftsblatt (Österreich)