Arriving at the top, on the highest floor of a building, is considered to be a symbol of success.

Those who live there enjoy an unobstructed view across the city and its motley roofscape. These kinds of urban eagle’s nests are ideal to escape from your everyday life. However, furnishing these penthouses is not that easy, as open galleries and high ceilings can quickly alter familiar proportions. Roof slopes can topple quite a few standardised spatial concepts. In the context of a penthouse’s spacious dimensions, a traditional love seat can look like an accessory of a doll house and a corner bench may never find its rightful place.

There are also smaller penthouses – as modularly arranged living boxes they require particularly smart interior designs that make the most of the available space and provide enough space for individual living. From open lofts and spacious suites to smartly structured studios – as passionate interior designers we develop our ideas always individually and based on the respective circumstances. This way we often develop opportunities that make it possible to utilize the respective space beyond its actual limits.

Penthouses are a special category for us designers because their exposed locations partially connect interior and exterior spaces: rooftop gardens or terraces, surrounding balconies, outdoor areas on several levels, flat and gable roofs, which can be opened if needed; integrated folding shutters, sun sails, automatically adjusting shading blades, or even an infinity pool on the roof? Elements like light & shadow as well as wind & weather have a more direct impact on living at these lofty heights and need to be taken into account for the design concept right from the start.

If you just recently bought an undeveloped attic, reaching that top floor is also an important issue. Optimal positioning and design can solve this problem with stairs or integrated elevators in a functional and visually smart way. Wherever your rooftop apartment may reside – we are looking forward to facing the challenge to develop sophisticated interior design for it with our know-how and ideas.