Interior Design Vienna

Penthouse R


Year: 2018
Status: Concept study
Client: Wiener Komfortwohnungen


With almost 280 m2of living space and a 318-m2terrace right in the city’s centre, destilat’s Penthouse Raffael provides truly generous space combined with urban elegance. The living areas floor plan is wide open, spacious as well as light flooded. When you take a closer look, you can see that is based on the logic of the Gründerzeit’s suite of rooms, whose spatial borders dissolve in modern openness.

Ceiling-high, dark grey monoliths are aligned as central elements in the open space. These massive pillars comprise the impressive fireplace, which brings the living and dining areas together as one harmonious unit, and turns into the library’s back, which marks the adjacent reading area. The billiard lounge shows how simple true luxury can be, with its clear view across the entire city.

The following cube flanks the staircase to the rooftop terrace and marks the transition into the kitchen area with its function as a wine cabinet. The ceiling-high kitchen cabinets’ colours and materials are consistent with the stone-grey monoliths and continue the overall design logically. They shield the master bedroom from the adjacent bathroom as well as from the common room’s terrace entrance.

The lavish rooftop terrace with its outdoor kitchen, lounge areas, pool, and jacuzzi lets you immerse yourself in your own world, which was inspired by Mediterranean outdoor living. One could easily believe to be in one of these longed-for southern places – were it not for the omnipresent panoramic view of the capital with its key landmark.


Harald Hatschenberger
Thomas Neuber
Sophie Kessler


Copyright Artworks
Courtesy Instant Edition