Open fireplace

The discovery of fire has revolutionised the life of man.

Even though we no longer cook over open fires, forge tools or bake earthenware, this blazing element remains awe-inspiring to this day. A fireplace automatically defines the centre of our residences, as we gather around it like at a campfire. It exudes a very special radiant heat and fills our houses, apartments, and penthouses with cosiness and immerses them in atmospheric light.

It feels comfortable to start a fire in a fireplace, to stoke it, watch the flames and listen to the crackling. As we have to put in actual work – getting the logs and preparing the firewood – the archaic luxury of an open fire also reminds us of where we have come from and what we truly need to live. Cocooning is en vogue again as a natural balance to our hectic everyday lives – the aspiration to design our living spaces as a private retreats, where we gather our strength and recharge our batteries. Fireplaces experience a true renaissance in the world of interior design due to this trend.

From open fireplaces and versions with glass fronts, heating fireplaces, tiled fireplaces to storage stoves – a fireplace’s size, shape, and design clearly depend on your property and your personal ideas. As experienced interior architects, we develop and plan fireplaces always in the context of the respective harmonious spatial structure, and see it emerge organically from the entire interior design. Sometimes, fireplaces find themselves in niches, while others define lounge areas or present themselves in open spaces as impressive partitions that can be approached from many different sides. Besides their visual properties, their energy aspect also plays a central role.

Fireplaces have been fired with wood for the last hundred years or, alternatively, some models can be fired with gas. However, the fireplaces’ actual materials and construction methods have changed quite a bit more significantly over the years. Besides traditional materials like natural stone, ceramics, and bricks, we also like to use exposed concrete – with polished or open-pore surfaces, eternit or black plate – for our fireplace designs.

Contact us if you have always dreamed of a fireplace in your flat, your house, your apartment, or penthouse. It is our goal as interior designers to develop a fireplace that fits perfectly into your home and your life – as if it had always been there.