Old building renovation

Cautiousness is not a common trait in the construction industry.

However, when it comes to the renovation of old buildings, this is definitely a factor we take into account. We are not restorers who just want to preserve the old. Our mission as interior designers is to consider the entire existing building structure with all its structural and design-related aspects and evaluate how much of the new is necessary, possible, and allowed, and in which way we can preserve the old. Our cautiousness can be quite radical at times, but our interventions are always based on what is already there and what is supposed to remain for the next decades or even centuries.

One does not capture the appeal of old buildings with a sledgehammer. However, oftentimes it is necessary to take comprehensive as well as partially invisible steps to bring an old building back into the presence with all its modern housing and living needs. The refurbishment of old buildings is a vast field and can include everything from gutting a building completely, to dehumidification, and redesign or expansion of spatial structures. Whichever aspects the respective project may include, breathing new life into historic buildings is always a particularly exciting task. We have to look very closely, understand the past’s craftsmanship and ideas, and confront ourselves with parts of our own history.

Star parquets, box windows, wing doors with their original fittings, vaulted ceilings and impressive room heights are highlights of classic old buildings that everybody wants to preserve. But there are also quite a few buildings from subsequent eras that are worth preserving – from villas of the 30’s to mid-century pavilions, industrial architecture, old farms, and apartments from the 70’s.

Besides the preservation aspect, the most important parameter for our master plan is how the respective building will be used. What are the future requirements of historic spatial structures? In what way will it be used and what is necessary to have an old building feature all of modern life’s amenities? Just as carefully as we take a look at your premises, we consider your wishes and visions. Contact us – we are looking forward to getting to know you and your ideas!