Interior Design Vienna

Neuburger EN


Year: 2018
Status: realised
Client: Neuburger Hermann Fleischlos


The traditional Neuburger company launched a new premium brand for vegetarian delights called HERMANN. It takes a lot of persuasion to introduce an innovative product to the market, which naturally happens in the food industry by giving people a taste of the product. Therefore, the company built a new meeting room at its headquarters in Ulrichsberg (Upper Austria), which can also be used for presentations and tastings of the company’s organic products.

destilat translated the multifunctional requirement to this place into corporate architecture that is pure and simple, just the like the brand itself. It was a challenge to design the room with its glass walls on two sides to create the atmosphere of an open and, at the same time, closed unit.

Dark oak-wood panels and floor-length curtains in subtle natural tones create the shell of this long rectangular room whose atmosphere can be changed with transparent blinds and black-outs at the push of a button. Its large screen gives this room a theatrical feel. The furniture can be rearranged flexibly: the central conference table arranged quickly into a U-shaped setting, and the entire room can be turned into movie theatre for up to 16 people. Products are presented from an elongated sideboard. Six pendant luminaires remind the room’s guests of meals being prepared in a restaurant’s kitchen to provide a symbolic subtext for the products and put them front and center.


Harald Hatschenberger
Sophie Kessler
Thomas Neuber
Henning Weimer
Lukasz Paginowski


Harald Hatschenberger/destilat


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2019/10 Homify Online (Germany)