Living room

Living room: one simply cannot get enough of living, and therefore we dedicate a specific room to it in our houses.

The representative salons of bygone eras, where civility and etiquette were more important than feeling comfortable, were replaced by a new kind of cosiness and a more relaxed approach in the middle of the 20thcentury. The living room gave us interior designers a whole new range of design options to play with.

It is a retreat to the private sphere – to be yourself or give family life with all its perks the space it needs. It is the place where a multitude of memorabilia tell illustrious episodes of our lives and where we welcome our friends to spend some quality time with them. The living room is the room of the house, the apartment, or penthouse, which we share with all fellow occupants. Therefore, this room has to meet quite a few requirements.

Even though new trends for living emerge with seasonal regularity, individuality is a particularly important design factor in the living room. Our living rooms should be designed as diverse as our lives are, to correspond with our personalities.

For some, the living room has to include an opulent sofa landscape and giant flatscreen, while others need their entire book collection around them to be able to switch to relaxation mode. And then there are people who prefer to surround themselves with a lot of open space to let their thoughts wander freely.

Whatever may be your preferred way of living, your tastes and lifestyle are the measure of all things for us interior designers from which we develop characteristic interiors. We stylistically juggle with the entire portfolio, ranging from modern minimalism and baroque opulence to colourfulness and elegant uni-style.

Besides relaxed lounge furniture, textiles and light play major roles in the living room. Carpets, cushions, blankets, plaids, and carpets are available in countless designs and structures – they are easy to exchange, contribute immensely to our wellbeing with their sensual materiality, and present well-known rooms in a refreshingly new look. Natural light from candles or an open fireplace has an enormous impact on a room’s ambience. A lighting concept that works with several, individually controlled sources, like ceiling, table and floor lamps, presents your living room certainly in the right light.

Tell us how you would like to live. We take your wishes and turn them into comfortable interior concepts with our experience and feeling for design.