Hair Stylist

Klipp Hair Stylist


Year: 2018
Status: Competition
Client: Klipp Friseur


KLIPP, one of Austria’s biggest chains of hair salons, launched a new line of small salons all over Austria called “Haarwuchs – Die Kopfhautspezialisten von KLIPP”. The new brand’s interior concept needed to be clearly structured with a medical feel that is not too clinical and definitely not esoteric, but bright, friendly and inviting.

KLIPP’s corporate identity was the concept’s starting for choosing the colour scheme of smoky shades of green as well as the design vocabulary of vertical lines, which are repeatedly represented in destilat’s design as distinct elements of the company’s logo.

To create the desired intimate atmosphere for hair growth treatments, destilat designed a structure of individual, semi-circular booths, which can be opened and closed with room-high, textile partitions, as well as merged back into an open spatial structure. In this private atmosphere, customers can enjoy their personal scalp service without any interruptions and are shielded from the hustle and bustle of the shop. Customers are welcomed by an open reception and a checkout area that includes a cosy waiting lounge. Simple shelves are elegantly integrated into the spatial structure at several points to present the brand’s product line subtly as well as memorably.

Natural stone, elegant lamps, distinctive seating furniture, simple design as well as a harmonious lighting and colour concept highlight the service’s as well as the product’s value. Cleanliness, professionalism, and trust are the superordinate parameters, which destilat translated into the interior design. All of this results in a place that naturally combines competent advice with a relaxed atmosphere.


Harald Hatschenberger
Sophie Kessler
Thomas Neuber