Kitchen – Cooking together, sitting together, holding family councils, making life and menu plans.

Kitchens have always been the centrepieces of our houses. After all, food and knowledge has always been shared around the stove, secrets are exchanged, advice is given and important recipes passed on the next generation. The place for cooking and eating clearly is also a communication hub – for large families as well as single households.

But what does the ideal kitchen look like, to meet our individual preferences and habits as well as our aesthetic visions and spatial possibilities? All tidied up and clean, functional, comfortable, elegant, cool and minimalistic, colourful, bright, and open? Our dream kitchens are just as diverse as we are as humans.

Our work as interior designers starts by finding out, in collaboration with you, what your new kitchen or kitchen refurbishment has to become, to fit perfectly into your life and budget. We see kitchens in a very complex way that goes far beyond their surfaces: we analyse spatial structures and their options to come up with a solution that is individually customised to meet your personal needs. We accompany you skilfully on your way through multifaceted designs and materials, we design your kitchen from the ground up and, if needed, down to the smallest detail, including your new coffee mugs. Furthermore, we coordinate the professional implementation with our network of experienced cooperation partners.

Free-standing kitchen islands, head-high pull-outs, open shelves, efficient storage solutions, closed cabinet fronts, breakfast counters, work surfaces made of natural stone, wood, or high-tech materials? Would you like to cook with gas, induction, electricity or a traditional with tiled stove? Is a small dishwasher enough or do you prefer a big one? Would you like to finally treat yourself to that cooling combination with the integrated ice machine and the wine cooler? Do you need big work surfaces to stretch that strudel dough as thin as should be? Or do you dream of a massive wooden table in the middle of your kitchen, where you can comfortably fit your children and grandparents, and even future grandchildren can grow into your family’s eating culture?

Whatever your wishes are – with our design ideas and planning know-how, we develop individual kitchen solutions that work perfectly from early breakfasts to late-night dinners and provide the ideal space for exciting party conversations.