Year: 201
Status: Small series
Client: Eternit


Eternit’s ‘camouflage‘ kitchen evokes the original application of the Eternit material, as it was primarily used as façade shingles.

destilat interprets the front of this kitchen as a façade with similar requirements regarding its material and look which are both perfectly met by Eternit: robust, durable surfaces with a top-quality appearance and comfortable haptics.

Furthermore, Eternit is a recyclable natural material and, last but not least, a locally produced Austrian invention and therefore a wonderful example of regional value creation.

Its many individual elements form a homogeneous overall appearance, just like a classic façade made of Eternit shingles.

The necessary horizontal divisions for pull-outs, drawers and recesses were all realised in a slightly slanted angle to the horizontal. This minimal design intervention transforms the dividing joints from a necessary evil to a formal expression with ornamental effect, creating a dynamic joint pattern that, in a sense, ‘camouflages’ the necessary joints.




Udo Titz, Monika Nguyen


Eternit TV-Ad


2016/07 MD Magazin (Germany)
2016/07 100 Häuser (Austrai)
2011/12 Domizil (Austria)
2011/11 Umbauen & Renovieren (Switzerland)
2012/03 Nivo (Switzerland)
2011/11 Diva (Austria)
2011/11 DiePresse Luxury Living (Austria)
2011/10 Ideales Heim (Switzerland)
2011/10 Build (Germany)
2011/11 Umbauen & Renovieren (Germany)
2011/08 Shopstyle (Austria)
2011/06 Format (Austria)