Interior Design Vienna

Advertising Agency Strobl


Year: 2009
Status: realisiert
Client: Werbeagentur Strobl


The Budapest branch of this international advertising agency is characterized by only a handful of colors. White and gray are the basic elements, select furniture in the social leisure area of the office – for example, the reception desk, kitchen, and cloak rack – are marked by powerful anthracite. On occasion, light green hued areas are inserted on the walls. As background, they serve as an ornamentation of fauna and flora, an architectural quotation of default corporate design.

The furnishings are a combination of twentieth-century design classics and self-designed archive-cabinets and desks. Here a softly rounded plastic chair by Charles and Ray Eames, there the angular line of a customized work piece. The reserve in terms of color and form is a basic prerequisite for this type of work space. It is essential for assuring that the creativity of the staff takes its course.


Harald Hatschenberger
Henning Weimer




02/2010 Business People (Austria)