Interior Design Vienna

Advertising Agency Strobl Kriegner Group


Year: 2010
Status: realised
Client: Strobl)Kriegner Group


The offices of the agency group Strobl)Kriegner in Linz were already remodeled and expanded by the end of 2010. This project focuses on the adaption of the agency’s headquarters in accordance with the corporate architecture developed by destilat.

This new corporate architecture has already been successfully implemented at the agency’s offices in Ljublijana and Budapest as well as at the MS. Fotogroup’s offices.The reconstruction work comprises the joint foyer as well as the expansion of the Strobl)Kriegner Group’s and the MS. Fotogroup’s premises.

Both agencies were expanded with spacious, openly structured office areas, a lounge area as well as new, representative director’s offices. As part of this reconstruction, the workplaces of the graphic design, image processing and accounting departments were optimised by reorganising their respective working space.


Harald Hatschenberger
Henning Weimer
Theresa Köhler


destilat/Harald Hatschenberger


2013/06 Architonic Online (Switzerland)
08/2011 Shopstyle (Austria)