Interior Design Vienna

House K


Year: 2015
Status: Concept study
Client: private


The House K interior-design project comprises the reconstruction of a building that our client bought in its shell state. Its extraordinary location on Schlossberg in Krems makes this project an absolute highlight with a panoramic view across the Danube valley, the Göttweig monastery towards the south, and the vineyards of Krems towards the north.

Due to the client’s personal requirements the building’s interior design had to be revised substantially. After an initial analysis of the requirements, the building’s three storeys were newly structured. A spacious wellness area with a sauna, whirlpool, lounge and fitness area was developed for the northern side, on the building’s lower floor with its ground level access to the garden.

The entrance hall is located on the floor directly above. It connects the northern main entrance to the southern entrance with a bridge across the moat. Otherwise this southern entrance can only be reached via a footpath from Schlossberg. The bedroom with its adjacent walk-in closet, a master bathroom, as well as an entirely self-sufficient guest apartment with a garden terrace to the south are also located on this floor.

A central, open staircase, adjacent to a chimney wall, divides the upper floor into a living area and a dining area. The open kitchen is optically separated from the living area by a wine storage refrigerator that is positioned at the staircase.

The colour and material concept combines typical regional elements with international styles. The natural stone tiles, which are more often just used for terraces, were also added to the interior of the entrance area, leading up to and including the bathroom and the bedroom. Custom furniture with dark, oiled wooden fronts complete this concept.

The upper floor’s materiality is characterised by gradually refined structures. Cast terrazzo flooring was used, as well as dark glass and a chimney wall made of big granite slabs, which complement the dark wooden fronts.


Harald Hatschenberger
Henning Weimer


Copyright Artworks
Courtesy Monika Nguyen


2017, Archilovers Best Project 


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