Successful hotel concepts convey a feeling of security and, at the same time, carry you off into a new world.

We ourselves are passionate travellers – our journeys are experiences that we as interior designers incorporate into our work, they inspire the creation of comfortable living environments. We like to play with colours and lighting moods, with materials, accessories, and a design vocabulary that transforms emotions into objects. From dreamy boutique hotels and high-end luxury accommodations to unpretentious business quarters and traditional family guesthouses – it’s all about immersing your house in a particularly beautiful light, highlighting its individuality and developing a look and feel that welcomes your guests. Guests only remember the exceptional, no matter in which star-category. It’s what makes them come back.

Being neutral and average to please everybody is no longer enough to remain competitive. Even the former uniform budget-category takes design cues from boutique and design hotels. There are no second chances for making a good first impression and no better place for that than a hotel lobby. This is where you can tell the story of your house with a coherent overall concept consisting of interiors, decorations, lighting moods, and excellent employee performance. The lobby is your house’s calling card – it can be surprising and seductive but it has to always be authentic and can’t make any promises your rooms can’t keep. This is the only way your guests can perceive the overall idea as credible.

It is completely wrong to assume that thought-out interior design for public areas would exceed the budgets of hotels. Overall, your costs play a minor role – they are, however, an investment that clearly pays off. After all, this is not just about the rooms themselves but a coherent overall concept. Therefore, we plead for a clear positioning of the builders – it is their story that want to tell in a creative way and their fundamental consideration on which we base our interior designs.

Developing the interior design for a new project is always a great honour because one creates something entirely new and can develop it from the ground up. However, it is also very exciting for us to shape the transformation of an existing house. To be there when a traditional business reinvents itself and we may shape this innovation. It takes a lot of sensitivity and experience to adapt to spatial and organizational conditions as well as historically grown structures, and this is exactly what we bring to the table due to our years of work experience. Existing hotels are oftentimes refurbished in stages and during ongoing operation. It usually starts with a few rooms and public areas – individual parts of a concept that have to ultimately come together in a coherent and new look.

And how does destilat approach the interior design of a hotel? We prefer to talk about guests, instead of target groups. They are the measure that defines many parameters. Business professionals travelling alone have completely different requirements than patchwork families or young couples. We dive deep into the story of your house to find out who you are and where your strengths lie. We take a look at your neighbourhood, at what your guests love. We align this information with our visions and ideas to develop your design concept. Just contact us if you would like to join us on a creative journey of discovery with your hotel or refurbishment project.