Interior Design Vienna

House P

Palma de Mallorca

An architectural façade-concept was developed for two apartment buildings, which are located on Molinar’s promenade in Palma de Mallorca. The aim of this concept was for both buildings to morph from a hermetically sealed appearance on one side to a completely open structure facing the ocean and the promenade.

Both two-storey buildings consist of a ground floor with big panoramic windowpanes facing the ocean, entrance areas, and cubes made of vertical blades protruding form the façade. The panoramic windowpanes can be closed with horizontal metal blades that slide into the windows’ bases. Partially opened panes provide a privacy screen towards the promenade.

The entrance areas’ vertical blades continue on the upper floors, forming a strictly cubic structure on top of the ground floor. The blades on the upper floors are also used as shutters on the upper floor.

They are inspired by traditional shutters, the Spanish “persianas”. When they are closed they become an invisible part of the façade.


Harald Hatschenberger
Henning Weimer