Fair stand

Trade fair appearances are more than just exhibitions.

They go beyond products and services and show how a company has positioned itself, how it sees itself and present itself to its clients.

Presenting products with a vibrant brand, remaining authentic while standing out in an ocean of competitors? We as interior designers know how to distinguish oneself from hundreds of other trade fair stands, arrange successful appearances at trade fairs and become a true hotspot amid a bustling trade fair environment: Inventiveness and the courage to be different are the keys to success.

When it comes to communication, story-telling has already been a part of corporate culture for years to talk about a company’s roots, DNA, and its dreams for the future. The underlying strategic considerations are easy to explain: People prefer to buy products they perceive as logical, authentic, and reasonable. Whether it is a new innovative product, an improved service, or a special offer – when you can offer your customers a product they must have while revealing parts of your soul your chances on the market will increase.

Story-telling goes beyond the verbal realm, as wonderful interiors also tell their stories if you know how to harness their potential. After all, trade fair stands are basically three-dimensional advertisements, equipped with interactive live animation. Being open to new design approaches and interactivity can build a stage for your company’s story.

There are of course different approaches, depending on the respective spatial conditions. However, there are no wrong approaches, whether you present yourself in an open setting or an intimate cubic structure discreetly or opulently. What matters is what you actually need and what feels right for you in regards to design, size, and budget. Therefore, we analyse precisely what your requirements for a trade fair presence are and where you want to go as a company before we even start developing your design.

Spatial concepts, material aesthetics, colour/light/sound design form the vocabulary from which we develop interiors that appeal to your clients’ senses and support your sales strategies as well as your business relations. Flexibility, sustainability as well as simple transport and storage options are further parameters we incorporate into our interior design concepts.

First impressions and the opportunity to appeal to potential new customers are even more important for trade fair stand than for any other interior – and we deliver the best results in these respects if you trust us more than your competitors. We will help you with our experience to translate your courage into successful designs.