Office Design

Cewe Fotobuch Office


Year: 2019
Status: Design planning
Client: Cewe Fotovertrieb GmbH


The goal of this concept was to define and design work areas with individual requirements in an open-plan office. destilat made openness this project central theme and replaced the conventional welcome-desk with an inviting lounge islands, which can be flexibly turned into informal meeting rooms with textile partitions. Elements that play with the round shape of a camera lens repeat themselves several times from the floor to the ceiling within the entire spatial structure.

Three rows of open work areas, which are marked with floor-to-ceiling metal frames, follow the reception lounge. In addition to this optical structuring of the office, these frames are also integrated into the lighting concept. Furthermore, they serve as suspended mounts for acoustic panels made of felt as well as for separating indoor gardens. The client’s working method requires not just open communication but also, at times, to be shielded to hear yourself think and spend some time alone. Small Skype-booths become “non-territorial offices” for these purposes, which can also be used as flexible workplaces for field staff. A tea kitchen and a common room as well as the enclosed office for the managing director, which can also be used as a further meeting room, complete this spatial structure.

The interior design’s bright colour world is defined by tones of green and pink – while the CI colour red is only used sparingly, yet in contextual important areas, pervading the interior design as a “common thread” in the form of decorative elements or table legs and presents the client’s products on a board that extends across an entire wall.


Harald Hatschenberger
Sophie Kessler
Lukasz Paginowski
Thomas Neuber