Interior Design Vienna

Kaos Slim


Year: 2014
Status: Small series
Client: destilat


The ideal case for books, CDs and all kinds of bits and pieces.

With the Kaos Slim bookshelf you can skip sorting your books and CDs alphabetically, by colour, size, topic or genre.

Books and CDs are stored in little groups, which let you use different classification systems at the same time. This approach results in a three-dimensional image – unpredictable and chaotic on principle.

Kaos Slim is also the perfect place for flacons, vases and any other kind of all your favourite bric a-brac.

Kaos Slim is available in virtually every colour. Kaos Slim is the ideal case for design-conscious individualists.


Monika Nguyen


2016/06 SempreVita Online (Germany)
2016/05 More Than Design (Austria)
2016/04 Weekend Magazin (Austria)