Bathroom + Wellness

Our bathrooms are anything but normal. After all, our clients’ wishes are also anything but average.

Over the course of the last few years, bathrooms underwent an almost magical transformation. What used to be a wet cell in the furthermost corner of the house is now frequently the very centre of attention. Practical washrooms are now becoming havens of wellbeing. This trend is, at times, reflected in the room size of our bathrooms, but also in the choice of materials and colour schemes. Lighting moods that invite you to linger and accessories that elevate bathrooms from practical necessities to actual living rooms.

Openness is has also become a vital aspect in our bathrooms. Many of our clients like to have en-suite bathrooms adjacent to their bedrooms. Some of them love to have their bathtubs in a freestanding position. And sometimes we dissolve the architectural boundaries of bathrooms to create loft-like wellness zones in their stead.

As interior architects we ask about your habits, your preferences and wishes to make your bathroom fit perfectly to your living conditions. Those who live with their families and have enough space may want their kids to have their own bathroom where the little mucky pups can enjoy their bubble baths. This situation results in a separate bathroom for the adults that provides a relaxed retreat to recharge without the looming threat of little yellow rubber ducks.

Walk-in or rain showers, integrated or freestanding bathtubs, saunas, infrared towel-dryers, touch-free fittings, and an integrated sound systems? The design and technology features of bathrooms have been upgraded significantly. And it gets even more overwhelming when it comes to materials. From natural stone to glass, exposed concrete, composite materials, ceramics, high-quality tiles with a wide range of textures and even wood – (almost) anything is now possible in bathrooms. We skilfully play with these elements for our interior designs and always find new solutions to turn bathrooms into relaxed and private spas.