Rented, bought, inherited, or used temporarily – apartments 

come in many different shapes and forms but they are always a universe onto themselves, since every phase of your life comes with its individual layout. The apartment you grew up in and the flat you lived in as a student, which offered privacy amidst communal spaces, were vastly different. And you feel truly like a grown-up when you move into your first own apartment – there is not even any need for a “my home is my castle” sign at the entrance door, you just know. The time for sharing comes later on, when you choose and design the home that makes your relationship even more real, ideally with an extra room to have enough space for your shared dream of growing together.

Apartments are spatial shells for our habits and characteristics. They provide space for the people we live with as well as for our vision of life and the things we like to surround us with. We as interior designers create interiors for whatever you need to live your life, and space for you to flourish.

For some, the only way to live is in a penthouse above a city’s roofs, while others like to move into ground floor residences – grounded, and with direct access to a garden. Do you prefer piano nobiles or maisonettes? Do you need wing doors, arched ceilings, box windows and traditional herringbone parquet floors to feel at home or would you like to settle down surrounded by modern architecture?

Whatever your spatial shell looks like, when it comes to your apartment it’s the inner values that count. The houses we move into are just as individually different as our housing preferences. The interior design solutions we develop for our clients are therefore just as unique.

Contact us and tell us how you want your dream home to look like – if you want to renovate or refurbish your apartment, or finally get the furniture you always wanted. We provide our experience, our ideas, and our spirit to carefully develop interior designs for people and their belongings that correspond to your personality.