Interior Design Vienna

Interior design goes beyond the tasteful arrangement of furniture and accessories.

It is an overall concept that reflects the residents’ and users’ needs and sensibilities. It translates them into the material world. While stylistic preferences are individually different and – depending on personal tastes – can be puristic, luxurious, trendy, elegant, or traditional, interior design’s most elemental task is functioning – this goes for residential areas as well as commercial properties.

However, the “functioning” does not refer to the opposite of aesthetics in this case, but the harmonious coexistence of functioning and aesthetics. On the one hand it refers to a space from which we distil the design possibilities for our interior designs and in which we inscribe our concepts. On the other hand, it is derived from the requirements and wishes of our clients, which we identify by listening carefully and then transform them into interior design concepts. Interior design must adhere to the respective usage practices, and not the other way around, to ensure that the people who live and work in it feel comfortable.

We plan and design individually tailored solutions FOR our clients, but also very strongly WITH them. We invite you to tell us what is important to you and what you have always dreamed of. These conversations are about far more than a place to live – music, travelling, your artistic preferences, they all reflect the personalities of our clients. We want to capture these values, attitudes, and opinions with our interior design solutions. We are looking for suitable structures to reconcile even the most diverse wishes. Not every “must-have” from the lifestyle sections of magazines corresponds with our actual living situation, everyday family life, or the free-spirited life of a single.

Interior design may not change the world but one can definitely not reduce it to the lowest common denominator. This is why we exhaust design possibilities even beyond spatial borders: Small apartments may not gain any square metres but we can design them in a way that they seem more open and provide more free space. Oftentimes our clients describe moods to define what they want their spaces to become, and we accompany them from the first consultation to the hand-over of the keys with all the technically constructive and artistically aesthetic aspects, as well as with sensitivity, inventiveness, and a lot experience.

Whatever your construction project may be – a new building, old building, apartment, house, office, or shop; big, small, bright, dark, on the ground floor, top floor, or somewhere in between – we are looking forward to meeting you and your interiors!

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